Women's Health Testimonials
  • “After my hysterectomy I had pain and hardness at my
    therapy I have less pain with urination and I have been
    able to return to work as a nurse."
                   -Henrietta B.

  • “I am so thankful I found Samantha with her line of
    expertise of pelvic floor physical therapy.  I only wish it
    wasn't so hard to find her.  She is definitely a "hands on"
    therapist, caring, gentle and effective.”
                   -Linda W.

  • “I am so thankful Dr. Vanterpool gave me the option for
    therapy.  I just regret waiting to talk to my doctor for help.  
    Learning and doing the exercises, as well as, seeing the
    video have helped my control greatly. Inconvenient
    incontinence does not have to rule a person’s life.”  
                   -Maria H.
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